Sprint Filter

Sprint Filter

For over 50 years Sprint Filter has produced increasingly innovative products made using the most sought-after and technologically advanced materials.

Designed using advanced 3D CAD/CAM systems, the intake filters and systems are made using moulds developed using digitally controlled machinery and are subsequently made using modern machinery.

The innovative polyester P08 filters are well proven in the World Championship competition including in the World Superbike Championship on Carlos Checa’s title winning Ducati 1098R and Jonathan Rea’s Ten Kate tuned Honda Fireblade and on the Isle of Man TT, scoring two wins and securing five other podium finishes in 2012 in the four races entered by the Padgett’s and Wilson Craig Racing teams.


Unlike competitor products, which typically use paper, cotton or foam, the innovative Sprint Filter P08 is constructed from ultra fine 5-micron polyester yarns, delivering greater particle filtration and improved air entry.

Increased Air Permeability

The increase in air permeability and better performance in comparison with cotton filters is mainly due to two essential elements: the filtering material is made of a structure in polyester and the filter’s folds are higher, allowing for the highest filtering surface on panel filters (20 mm). An increase in airflow of approximately 25% is obtained in comparison with a cotton filter.

Extremely Efficient Filtration

Sprint Filter P08 ensures extremely efficient filtration: the 80 microns prevent 93.13% of 100 micron particles versus the 76.42% of 100 micron particles trapped by cotton filters. Filtration efficiency and air permeability of Sprint Filter P08 remains constant over time whereas that of a cotton air filter soaked in oil to trap impurities will deteriorate.

Easy Maintenance

The Sprint Filter P08 air filter is a dry filter and can be washed with any detergent, blown dry with an air compressor and immediately refitted without the need to apply oil or having to purchase additional maintenance kits.

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