HM Quickshifter

HM Quickshifter

Up until now, only high budget Moto GP teams have been able to realise the significant advantages of STRAIN GAUGE QUICKSHIFTERS.

However, recent advances in manufacturing technologies together with our proven designs have allowed us to produce these QUICKSHIFTERS at a price that WSB, BSB, MRO, club racers and road riders can afford.

Years of development and testing have finally ended in the most advanced quickshifter available outside MotoGP.

Advantages of a Strain Gauge Quickshifter:

  • NO MOVING PARTS, so they are ultra consistent and reliable
  • DOES NOT rely on movement of the gear lever, so every gear change occurs exactly at the right time
  • No more missed gears
  • The kindest way to treat a gearbox
  • Ultra smooth, slick shifts every time
  • No mechanical setup at all
  • Fully adjustable to suit both you and your bike
  • Built in LCD for simple adjustment BOLT ON, PLUG IN and USE
  • No cutting or splicing of wires

HMQuickshifters are easy to fit. There is no need to cut, or splice any wire. It’s a simple matter of unplugging the existing connectors, plug into supplied loom, refit, connect to earth and it’s done.

With the HMQuickshifter LCD it is possible to adjust settings for either road, or race shift. You can also adjust the sensitivity for cut and duration of cut.

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