HEL Performance

HEL Performance

HEL Performance has been manufacturing stainless steel brake line kits for motorcycles for over 10 years. It has been a decade of constant improvement to both our products and to the industry instigated by the innovations we have brought to the marketplace.

HEL Performance brake lines have won races at MotoGP, the Isle of Man TT, WSBK, the North West 200, World Supersport, BSB, British Supertock, British Supersport, the Dakar rally as well as thousands of other races across the globe. HEL Performance really does offer a world of performance.

The hoses that have won all of the above races are exactly the same specification and quality that we supply to every customer. There are no extras or additions offered to the top teams in the world – only the exact same high quality product that will be fitted to your pride and joy.

HEL Performance manufacture a complete replacement stainless steel brake line kit for over 2000 different motorcycles and as we only ever use stainless steel or titanium fittings for our kits we can offer the HEL Lifetime Warranty on all our products. We don’t use mild steel or aluminium fittings on a brake line kit as they can rust or corrode – only stainless steel with a choice of over 20 different coloured PVC covers on our hose.

The HEL Performance brake line fittings offer safety, security and a slimline attractive finish. All our brake lines meet or exceed Dekra, DOT, LTSA, ADR and FMVSS-106 safety standards and the kits contain all items required for a complete installation including stainless steel bolts and copper washers.

HEL Performance – What’s Stopping You?

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