GB Racing

GB Racing

The Best – Bolt on, MCRCB & FIM Approved, Crank Case Secondary Engine Covers – as Determined by our Customers Worldwide !

GB Racing supplies many top racing teams worldwide with their range of MCRCB Approved, Composite Secondary Engine Covers.

The Design, Manufacturing process and Advanced Materials choice significantly help to reduce Oil spills, both on and off the Track. – Enhancing Safety for all the riders is our top priority.

Working in close collaboration with race teams, from Club racers to World SBK teams, GN Racing are developing the next generation of High Quality, Great Value protection products.

GB Racing – Secondary Engine Covers

GB Racing Secondary Engine Covers are manufactured from High Impact, Reduced Wear, Injection Moulded 60% LONG GLASS fibre nylon 6.6 Engineering materials. Extensive research, testing and development has allowed us to create a unique High Quality product range. This process offers greater design flexibility, allowing greatly reduced costs, compared to similar Carbon Fibre / Kevlar & Billet Aluminium covers.

All our products bolt directly over the existing stock covers, simplifying assembly, negating the need for awkward and difficult to remove adhesives.

As an injection moulded process we are able to design optimum aesthetics, enhancing the overall look of the engine covers and the bike.

Secondary Engine Covers are not only manufactured for the Stock covers, but some Secondary Engine Covers are also manufactured for the factory Kit covers, normally used on Superbikes.

GB Racing – Frame Sliders / Crash Mushrooms

Manufactured from only high quality injection moulded engineering materials, chosen for its tremendous impact resistance.

The majority of our competitor’s frame sliders are manufactured from extruded materials, such as Delrin, Nylon etc. These materials are then CNC machined into various shapes. The choice of materials used may indeed be correct for their machining qualities, but not necessarily the best for the application.

As an injection moulded process, our frame sliders are designed with variable wall sections, and distortion joints. They have an internal, steel plated tube structure, where the fixing bolt passes through. This enables the 2-part moulding to be joined together, without the rigidity of a solid construction. These design features ultimately allow greater impact absorption and distortion within the moulded structure itself. Having an overall effect of reducing the impact forces transmitted to the engine mounting points.

We use high quality Stainless Steel A2 or Titanium alloy Ti 6AL-V4 bolts throughout the range. Strength and malleability are paramount in choosing these grades.

Our frame sliders are generally 25% shorter in length than most other similar products. By listening to many top Superbike teams, longer frame sliders are more likely to increase leverage forces on impact, and in some circumstances may well increase the chances of the bike flipping.

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